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Connectivity Consortium

Incorporated in Pakistan under Companies Act, 2017 Connectivity Consortium (Private) Limited aims to carry on the business of rendering consultancy services and pragmatic solutions in general with focus on, Market and Industry Research, Micro and Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship,  Special Economic Zones, Reviving of existing Industrial Estates/Zones, Global Production and Value Chain Networks, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Institutional Development, Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) projects, HR Capacity building projects for Human Capital Accumulation, and Other ancillary services to the Government, Donors, International, multilateral, bilateral institutions, Academia, Individuals, Firms, Companies, Bodies, Trusts, Non-government organizations, Associations and like. We are human network of networks.

What We Do

We provide wide variety of solutions and services as mentioned below.

Special Economic Zones

A successful SEZ is not simply a fenced-in area equipped with world class infrastructure and supported by incentive, legal and regulatory framework.

MSME Support

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Support for startups as well as existing business.

Investor Facilitation

Pakistan offers equal opportunities to foreign and local investors. Pakistan’s economy is based on strong fundamental of competitiveness.

Public Sector Facilitation

No business venture operates sans public facilitation. Public sector agencies interact with the businesses to provide conducive environment.

Market Intelligence

Connectivity consortium core competence is in providing our partners the quantitative assessment for their decision.

Total Industrial Solutions

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination.

Our mission

To add value in industrial and business growth

History of firm

History suggests that it is only when manufacturing begins to yield dividends in terms of a boost to exports, and a trained workforce, that it becomes feasible for an economy to diversify into high-end services like finance or hi-tech communications.  What has happened in Pakistan is that the economy seems to be moving from agriculture to low-end services, mainly retail and wholesale trade, which essentially do not require significant investment of capital or a skilled workforce. The problem is that the growth of such low-end services is restricted if purchasing power in the economy is limited. And purchasing power will not increase if the workforce is not trained to work in higher-value commodity producing sectors. Essentially, the commodity-producing sectors (both agriculture and manufacturing) have to generate enough of a surplus to sustain services. Connectivity Consortium came into existence to help enhance industrialization in Pakistan.

Our CEO Message

Consultancy firms target company executives and provide them with consultants.

A consulting or consultancy firm is a business of one or more experts (consultants) that provides professional advice to an individual or an organization for a fee. More and more consulting firms are complementing the strategic deliverable by providing the means to implement the recommendations, either with the consultants themselves. Consultancy firms target company executives and provide them with consultants, also known as industry-specific specialists and subject-matter experts.

No matter where you want
your business to go …

Connectivity Consortium can help you get there.

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