investment facility connectivity consortium

Pakistan offers equal opportunities to foreign and local investors. Pakistan’s economy is based on strong fundamental of competitiveness. As an emerging economy, Pakistan offers the opportunity of diversification to global players and strong intend to structure forms in various sectors of the economy. Pakistan holds vast investment opportunities with lucrative returns to investors. Connectivity Consortium Private Limited (CCPL) is supplementing Government efforts to facilitate entrepreneurs to enhance ease of doing business in Pakistan. Connectivity Consortium is also supporting Board of Investment to serve as facilitator to investors, for facilitation of investors needs at the highest level.

Investor Facilitation

Connectivity Consortium Investor Facilitation seeks to make it convenient & easier for investors to establish and expand their operations, as well as to conduct their day-to-day business. Measures usually focus on the alleviation of ground-level obstacles to investment including improving the availability of information, and by assisting in making administrative procedures more effective and efficient managing with relevant government agencies to offer well-coordinated services. To ensure co-ordination and cooperation between the public sector and the private sector on matters of investments and for policy decisions impacting on investment is a key aspect of our services.

Investor Information:   

  • All the information that you need to take a decision regarding investing in Pakistan.
  • From identification of projects which suit the investor′s needs, we provide information for all the opportunities in different sectors/projects of Punjab. Information regarding setting up businesses, getting licenses, NOCs etc, answering inquiries/queries, we at CCPL  have all the information that your require to invest and expand your business in Punjab.

Business Matchmaking

  • Let us open new avenues for you.
  • Our facilitation wing provides our clients networking between private and public sector. We can introduce you to the players who will be important for your business. We have the knowledge and the contacts – and will be happy to both organize and accompany you on fact-finding missions to all the key players.

New Business Setup (Company Registration) Facilitation:
CCPL New Business Setup Facilitation Centre  is geared to help most promising startups scouted from all across Pakistan to get their business to Market quickly. This center creates a mutually beneficial business environment through proactive policy advocacy both at the provincial and federal level with minimal Hassel. The center also helps the best startups led by passionate founders pursue a sustainable, high-growth or high-impact venture by taking away most administrative hassles so that founders can focus on developing their ventures. Mutually agreed upon milestones are used to gauge startup development throughout process and successful ventures are showcased at regular Incubation Facilitation Round table conferences that are held bi-annually.

One Window Facilitation:

CCPL One Window facilitation provides with business clients such as investors and traders etc. to lodge information at a single point of contact, to fulfill new and existing business queries in Punjab.

  • First point of contact for the new and existing business clients
  • To match business to government resources and providing business to business referrals
  • Advise client exporters on appropriate market entry strategies
  • Target oversees Pakistanis for investment in the Pakistan
  • To provide information with the existing rules, procedures and processes to facilitate the businessmen in every possible manner under law of the land and policy of the Government
  • In support of all Chambers of Commerce, Trade associations of Punjab, One Window facilitation plays pivotal role in providing solutions to all the queries & problems of local businessmen while we connect them to the concerned ministries or departments of Government of Pakistan
  • Relevant Government departments
  • All Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations etc