Connectivity consortium core competence is in providing our partners the quantitative assessment for their decision. We also provide companies with the on the ground qualified and dedicated surveyors to collect the market and business intelligence. We also provide business match making to connect local to local or local to foreign business.

Businesses increasingly require the support of the data analyst to analyze their business intelligence, the data analyst services are in high demand world over and these services are highly coveted by the modern data driven businesses. Our company has the human resources who have been the pioneers in this domain. Currently providing solutions to the banking and finance and the advertisement agencies.

Connectivity Consortiums specializes in applying the modern categorization algorithms i.e. neural networks, particle swam optimization to provides decision support to the banks in identifying the default probabilities and to the marketing firms quantifying the customer perception of their marketing campaigns. Data driven decision making can be applied to the domain of agriculture, banking, advertisement, manufacturing, construction, medicine and supply chains.

Another core competency of our company is its vast connections with the leading academics of Pakistan and Abroad, we have the industrial and academic linkages to transforms your business ideas into tangible businesses.

Agri Value Chains

The Connectivity Consortium specializes in providing Agri business the supply chain optimization solutions and connect them with the local and foreign implementation partners. The Agri business value chains can be categorized either as pre or post-harvest value chains. The Pre-Harvest are primarily focused towards the improvement in crop yields, while the Post-Harvest value chains deal with farm to market optimization and wastage minimization. We can provide our client the evidence-based research in the Post-Harvest Agri- supply chains and a third-party evaluations to the international donners in the same domain.

Agriculture is one of the major contributors to the GDP of Pakistan. Agri-Businesses has become progressively more integrated, in which the dynamics of supply and demand are managed such that the profits form the Agri Supply Chains can be maximized either through the minimization of wastage or through the maximization of customer satisfaction (by providing higher quality product).

Mature and profitable Agri-Business incorporate the understanding of the integrating the market demand analysis in their product development, and subsequently design their value chains to support the overall business objective. Pakistan needs to modernize its AVC and the only short-term solution is to facilitate the international players in investing in AVC within Pakistan.